St. Arnold Wheat

St. Arnold Brewing Co.
Houston, TX
Texas Wheat

Wheat is not my favorite style, but I rarely meet a beer about which I can’t find something to like and, since this brew is from none other than St. Arnold – my new crush – I am excited nonetheless by this particular sample.

From the pour, we get a frothy white head that sits at a quarter-inch quite comfortably. The color is lustrous gold with straw blonde accents coming through the touch of haze and the lovely effervescence that spreads itself around the glass.

The nose has some banana and orange notes without much spice, but a good yeasty aroma that comes across as grassy with a bit of damp chalk – all quite pleasant.

The mouthfeel is impressively full, considering that, with the first sip, there is no overwhelming taste that you ordinarily associate with wheat beers. Bubblegum doesn’t come through aggressively, nor is there coriander providing too much peppery pop. What you do get is a pleasant softness of lemon-water that eases you into the subtle yeasty tang that expands across the palate. The end touches on the chalk aroma (without being chalky, of course) but culminates in a delicately grassy hop finish.

This beer drinks more like a nice session ale than a typical wheat, though the aftertaste intimates at a weissbier flavor, but subtly so. Again, St. Arnold surprises me, showing some deft hands in creating a complex beer that doesn’t have to hit you over the head to be noticed.


2 responses to “St. Arnold Wheat

  1. I like St. Arnold’s Texas Wheat the first time I tried it. Not being a beer expert, but having tried many fine beers, I really enjoyed the sweet without sweet taste and easy way it goes down. Definitely one of my favorite St. Arnold’s brew.

  2. I’m from Houston and love St. Arnold’s, but live in the city, now. Any idea where I can find it up here? It used to be so much easier to smuggle before the liquids ban…

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