Beer, B-Ball, and Bar Mitzvahs

Bee and his lovely wife, Mrs. Bee, are coming to town today. Despite the inclement weather, they should be able to land. DFW is doing all it can to land planes so that no one has to miss the NBA All-Star game make the Super Bowl look like a Bar Mitzvah. You know, one of my friends had his bar mitzvah at MSG and Greg Anthony and Derek Harper showed up, which made his bar mitzvah look like a basketball game. And Derek Harper used to play for Dallas. So, everything has come full circle.

Sorry for the tangent.

I went to Central Market to buy some of the finest meats and cheeses (and beer) from across the land. I love place like Central Market and the Whole Foods Beer Room because they make a point to have a wide selection of both international and regional brews. Here’s a shot of their main fridge:

Aisle drink to that

I picked up some Shiner Bock, because everyone should try it and it’s always good to have it around the house for those times when you want something smoove.

As is my tendency in the face of overwhelming beer selection, I got a lot more than was probably necessary but selected a few brews that are exciting:

St. Arnold Texas Wheat: one (1) six-pack, since Mrs. Bee loves hefeweizen and St. Arnold is batting 1.000.

Sierra Nevada Glissade: one (1) six-pack,because Sierra can do no wrong.

Brooklyn-Schneider Hopfen-Weizen: two (2) bottles, because the only thing better than a good beer is two good beers.

And now, some beer porn.

Grown-up building blocks.

I got an A in Shiner 101.

With Bee here this weekend, I’m not sure how much I’ll be writing. It won’t be for lack of beer sampling, I’m sure. It may be due to too much beer sampling.


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