Lancaster Rare Rooster Rye

Lancaster Brewing Co.
Lancaster, PA
Rare Rooster Rye Ale

The color is a copper-honey deep orange, that pours with slow and steady carbonation, providing a decent, but quick to deflate, off-white head. The clarity is perfect – a very limpid amber ale.

Lancaster Brewing Co. Rare Rooster Rye Ale

The nose is sweet, with warm honey notes, touches of overripe orange, dried caraway, and celery.

The mouthfeel is decent, with some malt that isn’t really chewy, but whose sweetness has more body than cloy. Some peppery quality at the start of the sip is surprising for such an amber ale, but perhaps not for one with rye in it. Mellow caramel notes rise through the fairly flat effervescence, leaving you to think it’s all over.

At the end of the swallow though, a bitter hop tang hits the tongue quickly and the dryness of the rye flavor comes out just subtly enough. Some traces of orange peel show up in the back, perhaps, but the end is altogether smooth, if not a bit on the sweet side.

This is a really nice example of how a session beer can have some complexity. Try this with some rye bread, mustard, and ham or sausage I’m sure you’ll be tempted to have a second.


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