Pocono Lager

Lion Brewery
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Pocono Lager

The pour doesn’t yield a lot of head and what does show up is a bit weak, missing any real froth. No matter, the effervescence is lively and the clarity is great. The color is a deep, clear amber. A faint brown touch mingles to create a nice roan beer.

The nose is very malty with soft brown bread aromas mixing with a cotton-candy sweetness and just a faint hint of grass and dandelion (no pun intended) in the back. The mouthfeel starts off well, but gives way to a thinner flow towards the end of the swallow. The hectic effervescence is still there – and adds a nice texture – but there is a lack of a solid body.

The flavor is a bit sweet, not really cloyingly so, but has hints of caramel and confectioner’s sugar. The middle is where the body seems to thin out a bit, as a soft and slow-rolling grassy hop back takes over.

It easy to forget, with the color of this beer, that you are quaffing what is really just an easy-drinking lager. The malts used here give it the really lovely copper tone and the sweet bready smell. While this isn’t the most complex beer, it is certainly a good session brew and has a time and a place. I would be happy to indulge in a few of these while watching a baseball game in the summer


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