St. Arnold Fancy Lawnmower

St. Arnold Brewing Co.
Houston, TX
Fancy Lawnmower

The beer pours to a crystal-clear golden color, with a good mix of fine effervescence up the side of the glass, and larger orbs flying up the middle like amped up jellyfish. Looking down the glass is like traveling through a tawny hyperspace. The head is sudsy and white, but dissipates rapidly, due in part to my very slow pour into a kolsch glass.

Like a Souped-Up Deere, That's a Fancy Lawnmower

The nose is also sweet, like honey, with aromas of breadcrumb, fresh-cut grass, and a touch of lemon zest.

The mouthfeel is as good as you’d expect from St. A’s – full and slightly creamier than you might think. The first sip is wonderfully light but full, with mild sweetness that sets you up for what’s to come. Some metallic grassiness imparts a nice segue to the finish, but not before some chewy malt arrives. The hops tie everything up into a neat package. The Hallertau hops used here are a Noble variety and one of the oldest in history and impart a particular bite that is not too peppery, but still nice and spicy.

St. Arnold, I think I love you. Keep it up. Also, that label is on straight, it’s just my photography that’s askew.


One response to “St. Arnold Fancy Lawnmower

  1. Dang, I love this Kolsch down here in Texas. It’s what keeps our patio bearable all summer!
    St. Arnold for teh win.

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