Boulder Sweaty Betty

Boulder Beer Co.
Boulder, CO
Sweaty Betty Blonde

Even with a very soft, slow pour into a tilted glass, this beer puffed up with a billowy white head. The color was initially straw with very good clarity, but a final swirl of the bottle before finishing off the pour clouded it up. The head persists with over a half-inch of the stuff. The color is a very soft yellow – like a Labrador – and the heart of the glass has just a touch of sandy brown to it. This beer is very light though (lighter than my expert photo might indicate).

The nose starts off strong with overripe oranges, bananas, and apple cider, with a touch of spicy coriander in the back. A slight hint of esters from the still-present yeast promises some interesting flavors.

The mouthfeel is decent – not great, but not terrible. There is no full-on wheat assault that some beers with this aroma might launch. That said, a little bite would be nice. Yeah, that sentence could be misconstrued.

The start of the sip is slow, subtle, yielding flavors of cheap bubblegum, green apple, and a slightly earthy back that is a bit disappointing in that it finishes weakly, leaving you wondering where the rest of the beer is.

Certainly, this is not an off-putting brew. If you’re one of those beer drinkers who might not like wheats, whites, or blondes, this might be a good way to wade into the styles. I love the pale yet murky look of the brew, but Sweaty Betty’s brother, Hazed & Infused, was much more interesting than this. I’m going to revisit this in a few months to see if any further conditioning takes place.


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