Lilja’s Pulling Boat Pale Ale

Sand Creek Brewing Co.
Black River Falls, WI
Svea Lilja’s Pulling Boat American Pale Ale

Color is a hazy straw – even a touch blonde – with steady fine pearl strings of carbonation. The head is frothy and pure white, collapsing inward a bit, but there is decent retention and sticking.

Dry biscuit dominates the nose, with hints of yeasty bread and a faint whiff of overripe orange or lemon. A tiny hint of banana and coriander come through, finishing with citrus zest in the back, hopefully indicative of some hop body.

The initial sip has a very full mouthfeel upfront, with the fine effervescence leading into a very dry, grassy middle. A hint of sweetness, like lemon, comes through, but a crispy water cracker snap is predominant. Touches of coriander spice might be discernible, but you are left with a very dry, green apple crunch that gives this session beer some complexity and chewiness (though it’s more like crunchiness).

Not exactly and “American Pale Ale,” but that designation is wide open to interpretation. Decent lacing, especially at the start, but not photo-worthy.

The website is a bit jumpy, and I couldn’t find this brew on there, so it’s possible that it’s a contract brew. If you know more, drop me a line.


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