New Belgium Fat Tire

New Belgium Brewing Co.
Fort Collins, CO
Fat Tire Amber Ale

This is New Belgium’s flagship brew and, while I’ve had it many times previously, I love how pervasive it is down here in Dallas.

The pour is not too lively, but some increased flow yields an elegantly rocky, slightly off-white head which dissipates, but is sticky. The clarity is perfect and the color is all golden honey and a slightly ruddy straw

The nose is slightly soapy and fruity, notes of apricot and pear, along with some sour notes reminiscent of wet hay, probably indicative of a nice hop character.

The sip is very smooth – the mouthfeel is neither aggressive nor full, but it’s not weak either. The first thing you notice is a fruity sweetness with hints of graham cracker malt, and which all gives way to a snappy hop finish that is grassy, not fruity.

While Fat Tire may once have been considered a more sizeable brew, it has been somewhat dwarfed by many of its overly-hopped counterparts (particularly to the west). Nonetheless, this beer persists as an interesting, if not entirely complex brew, that is as easy to drink on its own as it would be to drink it with the many foods that it might accompany well.

The lacing down the sides starts with a Braille-like pattern that eventually gives way to even tiger stripes at each tip of the glass.


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