Brooklyn Oktoberfest

Brooklyn Brewery
New York, NY

Always a fan of Brooklyn Brewery and all that they have to offer, I am eager to review one of my favorite styles – Oktoberfest.

The pour gives a decent head but, without too much agitation, the off-white fluff vanishes quickly as the slow and steady carbonation keeps a thin layer of effervescence on the surface.

The color is an absolutely textbook copper; orange, brown, and red shine through like dappled autumn light through changing foliage.

The nose is a good mix of bready malt and faintly spicy hops. More on the malty side, the aroma conjures the sweet richness of apple cider, but perhaps warmed and spiced up with some potent potable.

Potent, it is. The mouthfeel is full and considerably more aggressive than you might think. This is due, in part, to a really nice hops character that introduces itself early – rare for a Marzen. The huskiness of the odor gives way to a fruity hop bite that has notes of apricot and plum and perhaps a touch of orange rind. This is also rare for this style, but it works here

At 5.5%, there is no alcohol warmth – to be expected from a Vienna-style. Brooklyn has a definite flavor profile to many of its brews that seems to use the lager as a base. That is, they use hops generously, but never to an overwhelming degree. Most Oktoberfest beers focus entirely on the malt body of the beer so, while this may not be traditional in that sense, it certainly is delicious.


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