Appalachian Mountain Lager

Appalachian Brewing Co.
Harrisburg, PA
Mountain Lager

ABC boasts that its Mountain Lager is a tribute to the classic German Dortmund-style lager. The last ABC offer I tried, I wasn’t wild about, but a good lager will surely save the day.

The pour yields a half-inch of briny head that is kept afloat by an absolutely gorgeous eddy of lively carbonation that starts at the bottom of the glass and snakes its way upwards in a very active flow.

The color is a flawless flaxen gold with excellent clarity. The nose is grassy, with notes of damp straw, though it is more sweet than earthy with a touch of tart green apple.

The mouthfeel is excellent, I must say. The head retention on this beer is impressive and sits softly on top of the beer like a proper pint. The sip is very even, if a bit bland at first, but is really exceptionally smooth. What comes across is a faint grain taste, followed by a slight green-twig snap of crisp hops that is refreshing and not at all metallic.

This beer really is a classic lager. I would drink this anytime – during a meal, a night out, or a 10-mile run. I’m glad ABC has come back wit a restorative effort here. This is one to try if you’re looking for a light session beer.


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