Flying Dog Tire Bite

Flying Dog Brewery
Denver, CO
Tire Bite Golden Ale

The pour spews forth a spume of crystal white heat that settles down in a hurry inside the slightly damp glass. The bubbles are large and erratic, the carbonation lacks pearl strands but is steady. The clarity is excellent. The color is straw, very light and lager-like, more like a pilsner than any ale.

The nose is slightly grassy, but sweeter and less metallic, telling you that it really isn’t a pilsner. The banana and bubble gum aromas of yeast come through slightly (very slightly) though are not as strong as some wheats, and a layer of hay lies in the back behind the sweetness.

The sip gives an immediately clean and even flavor but it starts to hint towards grass and straw in the back of the swallow. The sweetness mingles with the hoppiness across the tongue with just a hint of honey and sugar. A briny finish of hops cleans up nicely at the very end and prepares you for your next sip.

Flying Dog has a tendency to put a lot of elbow grease into making their beers complex, for better or for worse. This particular example is a good effort – not too much going on, but enough to keep you interested. This is a fine session beer and one that you can wrap your tastebuds around for a while; it will proffer more than a few facets that you can mull over for a while.


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