Goose Island is Awesome

It’s a fact: Goose Island Brewery is awesome.

Not only were they part sponsors of the Chicago Marathon, but they attached a free drink ticket to the race numbers so runners could indulge in a free 312 at the postrace tent.

Well, the Brew Yorker took part in the marathon this year. I crossed the finish line not with my best time ever, but in better spirits than any other marathon. As I hobbled through the post-finish line area, collecting my foil blanket and medal, I saw tables of water and Gatorade. “Where’s the beer?” I asked, mostly joking. Someone pointed and there was a huge table packed with full cups of beer.

I reached for my free drink ticket but the delightful server said, “Oh, I don’t need that.”

Goose Island was giving away free beer. Free cups of 312 to those who had just finished the race. I was blown away. Pints of the stuff, laid out as though they were an aid station. And aid it was.  Did I mention it was free? What a beautiful brew to have after such an endeavor. The weather was chilly, and I was a bit sore, but I’ve never been happier after a marathon and that beer lifted me to “elated” status.

Already holding a spot way up on my list of great breweries, the Goose has definitely gone up a notch.

Cheers to Goose Island, you rock!


One response to “Goose Island is Awesome

  1. I just did a review of the Goose Island Brewery…they kick ass!

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