Lagunitas Hop Stoopid

Lagunitas Brewing Co.
Petaluma, CA
Hop Stoopid Ale

Lagunitas makes some of the finer US brews, I think. Their IPA, Pils, and Censored are all some stellar go-tos whenever I see them and I have been hanging onto this bottle of Hop Stoopid for a couple of months, eager to crack it open and enjoy the 22oz hopportunity.

Pours up with a very rocky, lively, and slightly orange head, over an inch thick and very sticky. The beer steadies and the head caves in on itself, but continues to leave a tight webbing of fine lace.

The color is a deep honey-amber – truly orange and burnished gold. It’s not quite coppery as there is no brown in the mix.

The nose has a strong wafting grapefruit aroma with a touch of bitter lemon solvent – no doubt a result of the nearly 8% ABV. There are some pine notes and faint phenolic odor as well as a deep, almost prune-like richness that lasts through the nose. This beer will undoubtedly have bite.

There is a great deal of very bitter grapefruit in the sip, along with some peppery pine and mint; it’s not cleansing but nor is it too heavy. The mouthfeel is very good, and the over-ripe stone fruit textures cling at the end of the swallow.

By no means is this a session beer, nor is it meant to be at 7.7%ABV served in a double-deuce. It is an excellent example of Lagunitas’ ability and of West Coast hops, but could be a bit aggressive (at 102 IBU) for the non-hopheads among us. I recommend this though for anyone looking for a big beer with body and who is not afraid to dip a toe in the hop end.


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