Shiner Bock

Spoetzl Brewery
Shiner, TX
Shiner Bock

Brew York City has moved! After much deliberation, your friendly neighborhood Brew Yorker has moved to Dallas. Despite my southern sojourn, this blog will stay the same After all, Brew York City is an ideal – that good beer can be enjoyed by all, anywhere. Even Texas. I thought it fitting that my first Texas review be the iconic Shiner Bock.

With its yellow label and elegant goat-head bottle top, it is a lovely example of local production. Bocks are typically celebration beers, first brewed in the German town of Einbeck in the 1300s. I always like bocks as they are a nice departure from my hoppy exploits. Bocks are usually strong and malty. A not-too-soft pour develops a just off-cream white head that is rocky and flies up to about an inch, settling quickly to an even coating of white over the top of the beer.

The color is amber and deep caramel, shading towards a light cola brown, but sitting more in the orange range. The nose is almost all malt. There is a carob and brown sugar aroma that carries through on a cantaloupe lightness that seems it would dull what would ordinarily be a hefty brew.

The mouthfeel is good, very much like a pub lager. The effervescence swells like a pilsner, but the hops are not present at the beginning of the sip. The first thing you notice is a real Viennese breadiness that is at once fulfilling and slightly chewy, but light and not overwhelming. The sip is not sticky, though the flavor subsists well on the tongue. A faint grassiness cleans up the swallow and leaves the malt and molasses behind. There is not a lot of lacing, but what is there is crystalline and weighty.

For a cheaper beer, I will take this over almost any of the bigger affordable brews any day. I would certainly recommend this with some BBQ, I think the clean malt would accentuate the brown sugar sweetness of the food, while the grassy ending would help to tamp out any flames that might accompany your ribs or brisket. I like this brew!


One response to “Shiner Bock

  1. Hi there! I just saw this post as a related article to one on my blog and decided to check it out. Your review was much more in-depth than mine and used all those fun and fancy terms for beer tasting. Overall it was a great read.

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