Sea Dog Riverdriver Porter

Pugsley Brewing Co.
Portland, ME
Sea Dog Riverdriver Porter

Another from the Shipyard/Pugsley line, Sea Dog has some interesting brews, if not one of the cuter labels. This Riverdriver claims a hint of hazelnut and also Willamette hops, so I am certainly eager to give it a whirl.

Like many porters, this one is lively into the glass and foams up with a inch of billowy tan head that settles slowly. The color is a deep dark brown with good clarity, but it is dark and the light that passes through the edges highlights a deep red grape purple.

The nose is roasty malt with a creamy milk back that has a hint of fresh, not roasted, hazelnuts. There are hints of cranberry or cherry, with a good deal of dark chocolate that persists.

The mouthfeel is good, and the flavor really comes through as a melting piece of milk choclate. The slight fruitiness is the first noticeable flavor, a tartness that his assisted by the Willamette hops. But through the end of the swallow, the chocolate is really the main ingredient on the palate. The hazelnut is a bit of an afterthought – a good thing in my opinion – and one that contributes nicely, creating a great bitter porter.

Many porters come across as too sweet or, perhaps, too rasited. This one is a nice balance between bitter and sweet and, as a porter, won’t overload your palate either.


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