Casco Bay Brown Ale

Casco Bay Brewing Co.
Portland, ME
Brown Ale

As I recall (which is “not very well”) Adi and I tried this brew during our Winter ‘09 Unemployment Taste Test. Of course, I have not written up those notes yet but I will soon. More on that later. Casco is one of Shipyard’s labels. They also do Pumpkinhead and the Sea Dog line.

An even, not too careful pour elicits a good half- or three-quarter-inch light tan head that his rocky but not too lively or aggressive and settles nicely. The clarity is exquisite – clear and crisp, highlighting the deep plum-and-cola color.

The nose is all sweet milk chocolate and caramel, very much a malty ale. There is a powdery aspect to the aroma, if that makes sense, which comes across as honeysuckle and toffee.

The taste is very clean and crisp. The mouthfeel is excellent, cool and creamy but not in the least bit heavy. The flavor starts with a faint biscuit quality but becomes deeper and more cocoa-like in a hurry. There are touches of orange spice in the hops, but really this is a wonderfully crisp and refreshing brown ale. It is somewhat creamier than a Newkie, and possesses that chocolate note that Newcastle doesn’t really have, but its smooth, just BARELY perceptible touch of roasted grain is just perfect.

The lacing finishes in an Arabic webbing that really rounds out a splendid foray into a very interesting, eminently drinkable ale. Cheers to Casco/Shipyard!


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