Cisco Sankaty Light Lager

Cisco Brewers
Nantucket, MA
Sankaty Light Lager

Another offer from Cisco, which reserves a bar stool in my heart. I’ve never tried the other beers on tap from Cisco, so I’m eager to try this light lager (the “Light” being a play on words as Sankaty Light is an old lighthouse on Nantucket).

Despite a month or so on a shelf, this beer explodes out of the bottle, billowing in the sample glass, almost entirely foam. The head is certainly rocky and briny and very clear white. A slower pour shows fine carbonation and some haziness, but the head is really pillowy and sticky.

The clarity is good and the beer is lively, as a good golden lager should be. The color is a proper, straw-like light gold and the steady carbonation is impressive.

The nose is slightly sweet and sour, with hints of acidic apple and ripe pear. The hops don’t really come through in the nose, but maybe a faint wheatiness.

This beer is really interesting; as the glass approaches, the pear aroma makes you think “sweet”, but the first sip is immediately bitter and hoppy, almost metallic. It is not harsh but grassy all the way through, almost like an unripe pear this time. That same slightly sour and crisp snap occurs as the hops finish the swallow. The mouthfeel is good, which contributes a lot to this beer, helping complete a more full experience than this beer might offer if it were any lighter.

This beer tastes more like a pilsner hopped with something other than Saaz. It’s a complex session beer, but definitely amenable to the consumption of a few.


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