Carolina Blonde

Carolina Beer Co.
Mooresville, NC

This beer says blonde, but boasts that it’s a pilsner. An even pour does not elicit too much head, and what does appear is very white and fine as a result of the silky effervescence. Some stickiness as the short head subsides. The beer is ruddier than a typical pilsner but the clarity is very good. The color is a bit red with straw touches. Really, I would classify this as a caramel-color – it really has some interesting brown and red qualities.

The nose is very malty, not hoppy and clean like a pilsner. There is too much breadiness that is very sweet, like warm almonds. There is a pungent fig aroma as well.

The mouthfeel is gassy and jumps around the mouth. The flavor is most evident towards the end of the swallow as a clean carbonated feel washes across the start. The sip is soda bread and sourdough. There are some hops evident in a crisp and tart finish with a very little bit of sweetness to round things out. There are touches of honey on toast as well, but this beer finishes cleanly, without being too dry.


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