Flying Dog Woody Creek White

Flying Dog Brewery
Denver, CO
Woody Creek White Belgian Style Witbier

Here’s another wheat and another offer from Flying Dog.

I poured this into a small, sample-sized, straight-sided glass. The pour is even and bright and the head is fizzy, but not so lively that it is uncontrollable. The clarity is good, but not 100%, and the carbonation is neat and even with really nice pearl strands running up from the sides and bottom of the glass. The head is pure white, sturdy but not spilling. The color is hay and straw – a lovely light golden color.

The nose is soapy and slightly floral, with a sweet lavender aroma. Bubblegum and parsley come through as well as a faint caraway spice. This beer smells complex and a bit fruity. That citric back hints at some good hops but which will probably be more mild on the tongue.

The first sip hits more on the bubblegum side, with a faint chalkiness like the coating of old baseball card chewing gum. A slight sweetness touches the middle of the tongue, but finishes with just a bit of metal, almost like wintergreen or pine. A bit of yeastiness is there, but  will likely come through more at the end of the swallow.

The lacing is widely-spaced, but clings in wide swaths of foam. The beer, as a whole, is quite nice but lacks just a final complexity that would really round it out. It’s on the way to tasting a bit like a farmhouse ale, but it really is a light wheat ale and perfectly enjoyable, particularly for a hop-head like me who was not so keen on whites to begin with.

Flying Dog always puts forth a good effort and this brew stands up well as a session. It is worth a try, though I’m wil
ling to bet that after a glass or two, you’d want a dog with a bit more bite.


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