Penn Weizen

Pennsylvania Brewing Co.
Pittsburgh, PA
Penn Weizen

The beer is exceptionally lively – fizzing and climbing up the glass with all but a delicate pour. I poured slowly, leaving a bit too little at the end for an adequate swirl to agitate the yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle, but got some nice brownish beer toward the end.

Into a hefeweizen glass, the beer is very gold toward the bottom, though darker brown and almost copper toward the top. Thanks to the yeasty murk, the clarity is low. Light passes, but not much. The head settled quickly, but I imagine a slightly less genteel pour would yield more quartz-like rockiness.

The nose is sweet like honey and citrus with the wheat coming through like green apples and cardamom.

The mouthfeel is medium, with light effervescence on the tongue and a faint film over the palate. The yeast adds a refreshing zing on the back sides of the tongue though there is a grassiness at the start of the swallow the is not too metallic but just a bit like celery that it clears the palate. Sweetness does not stick in the swallow, which prevents any phenolic attributes, but the beer lacks a real zing. Certainly, it is perfect for a hot day, and I could drink more of these than most wheats. A good session to pair with heavy German foods.


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