Beer Summit

The man is a genius. OK, despite the fact that this Beer Summit is an attempt to remove his foot from his mouth with a bottle opener, President Obama has opened the door to what could be the end of wars. Imagine Kennedy had had Khruschev over for a Baltika taste test?

Don’t you think it’s time that the White House had it’s own brewery?


One response to “Beer Summit

  1. The president is a little behind on his beer knowledge. I dont think he would have chosen Bud Light if he realized it was now owned by a Belgium-Brazil company, InBev Anheuser.

    American brewers need stimulus, Mr. President. Go with a delicious coors light (DCL) next time. Or better yet, a local microbew. Have your Cambridge beer buddies bring you an Ipswich Ale or perhaps a Harpoon Summer.

    Or you can just tax us all even more and spend our dollars overseas, sir. Cheers!

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