Kennebec Summer Ale

Kennebec River Brewing
The Forks, ME
Summer Ale

A low, slow pour into a slightly damp glass still yields nearly a half inch of beautiful white head that is neither rocky nor billowing and settles to a still layer of haze over the top of the brew. The color is a really nice reddish gold. There is real brilliance to the orange in this beer and it alternates between a very red burnt orange to a more straw-like gold.

The clarity is decent, though not crystal clear, which one would expect from a “summer brew” dub – these often get high wheat inputs, for better and for worse. The nose is truly spectacular. There are real floral hops in here, with plenty of grapefruit and a soft alcohol warmth that comes across in a surprisingly milky aroma.

The mouthfeel quotes the milkiness; a full, rich coating that washes away cleanly is perfectly balanced between bitter, slightly lemony hops, maltiness akin to oatmeal bread, and a clean finish that snaps with just enough of an arrowroot biscuit sweetness.

This beer is outstanding. Light enough in body to accompany a large meal and complex enough to complement a wide array of cuisines. I would pair this hoppy, unique brew with something spicy. Thai or Indian food in the summer time, perhaps a teriyaki burger with some red chili pepper in it. I would certainly give this beer a go if you get the chance. Consider getting a hammock to lie in while you do it, just to really get into the summer mood.


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