Lakefront Dark

Lakefront Brewery, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI
Eastside Dark

I poured reasonably slowly with a good 45-degree tip into a slightly damp glass, but allowed the beer to glug once. The head instantly exploded up the glass, almost 90% of the glass was a billowy beige cream topping. As the massive head subsides, it sticks to the glass in a thick-gauge, classic spider web pattern, falling out.

The beer is very dark, there is not a lot of translucency, though some faint light comes through the sides showing a nice purplish plum color, like a cola.

An earthy doughiness comes across immediately, with a sweet back of plum and raisin. Semi-sweet chocolate and a slight sour note – like cooked apple – shows up towards the ends. The beer doesn’t have much smokiness; it is not a stout, but I would imagine that some toffee malt might appear as this is meant to be “Bavarian,” which I take to mean will be similar to a bock or Oktoberfest.

The beer is impressively light, with crisp, fruity hops immediately coating the tongue. The taste is neither sweet nor sour, but just right with enough bitter snap to really enjoy. It possesses a good body and the plum-like tartness appears in the middle of the tongue towards the end of the swallow.

This brew is touted as “rich” and “roasted” and, while it has great body and depth, it is more refreshingly crisp than a beer that comes with a recommended food pairing of “beef.” Not to say this wouldn’t go well with beef; if I hadn’t had two burgers last night, I might have one right now just to see if the claims are justified.


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