Red Fox Russian Imperial Stout

Joseph James Brewing Co.
Henderson, NV
Red Fox Russian Imperial Stout

This beer pours deep dark brown and is absolutely opaque with a medium-tan and rocky head that sticks down the glass. There are hops on the nose but a rich and sticky coffee aroma comes through and finishes with a bit of almonds.

The mouthfeel is full and smoky, but there isn’t any acrid burnt flavor. Served not-too-cold, there is a nice warm, chocolate notes. There is a really nice malty coating on the tongue and the top of the mouth. The finish has a bready quality that intimates toward sourdough but is really grainy and more metallic due to the high ABV.

An interesting finale – the glass maintains a silty residue. Not sure if this beer is bottle-conditioned, but it’s always nice to see some yeast-like residue.


3 responses to “Red Fox Russian Imperial Stout

  1. When you say “yeast-like residue” are you referring to that milky white bottom in the bottle that pours out at the end? I’ve never seen that before and it is turning me off as if there is something wrong with the beer. Please advise because I received these through the Beer of the Month club and I want to drink them!!

    • Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for commenting.

      That residue is likely the result of bottle-conditioning where the beer finishes its fermentation inside the capped bottle. It’s nothing to be feared and, in fact, imparts some flavor to the beer and is the magic ingredient in our adored brews.

      Ideally, when pouring the beer into a glass, you’ll want to pour most of the bottle out, leaving a little bit left in the bottom (say, a half-inch). Let the beer settle in the glass, give the bottle a few quick turns, as one might a brandy snifter, and pour the rest of the brew in to the glass.

      This beer is particularly dark, so you probably won’t notice, but usually it will create a haze in the beer. This is common in a lot of Belgian brews that are bottle-conditioned. There are some who don’t like that additional zest that accompanies the residue, but I am a big proponent. You don’t have to like it – the key to beer is enjoying it – but certainly give it a try and see what you think.


  2. Thanks for the info. very thorough and much appreciated. I’m familiar with usual bottle conditioned brews but this one was entirely different. I will now partake. 😉

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