Lakefront Cream City Pale Ale

Lakefront Brewery Inc
Milwaukee, WI
Cream City Pale Ale

The pour seems a bit milky and cloudy, with a good rocky head and slow effervescence. The clarity is low; plenty of light gets through but there is a definite fuzziness in the center of the glass. The color is pure gold, a hint of coppery red, but really a nice hazy marigold.

The nose does, in fact, hint at a sort of creaminess but is more citrus and floral – very similar to a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The flowery hops are accented by a spicy cinnamon and cardamom.

The mouthfeel is awesome, with bitter West Coast hops that really deliver a nice punch that doesn’t leave a metallic aftertaste. The swallow is smooth and slightly sweet with more orange peel than spice, though pepper and cinnamon still make an appearance. The lace is a widely-spaced webbing that peels apart like cotton candy as it sticks on the glass.

This is one of the better small brewery pale ales that I’ve tasted in a while. It is not a session beer but it is not so big that you couldn’t have more than one – or three even. Not surprisingly, this beer would pair excellently with any kind of full-flavored cheese.


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