Wild Goose Oatmeal Stout

Wild Goose Brewery
Frederick, MD
Oatmeal Stout

The pour is dark and fragrant, a light tan head billows but isn’t pillowy or rocky. The effervescence is steady, with large bubbles with collect and slowly dissipate without too much sticking (though the class was a bit wet). The nose is chewy fig and raisin, with a hint of burnt butter and brown sugar. The clarity is good, despite a dark near-opacity. Translucency is confirmed by some plummy redness when held to the light.

The first sip is full and meaty – with a hint of smoky bacon that gives way to a sweet maltiness that has neither too much chocolate nor bitter smoke. The dense fruit flavors come through as prune and tannin-like grape note. The finish is smooth and combines rich and tart zing that sits on the sides of the back of your tongue.

No lacing, but I do think that the glass was too wet. This beer would go well with just about any pie – if only I had some pecan or apple.


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