Blowing Rock Bock

Boone Brewing Co.

Boone, NC


The pour is smooth and produces a slow-to-rise head that is only a quarter-inch or so and doesn’t last too long. The clarity is good but the color is dark. A deep vermillion sparkle;, it is a real garnet brown that catches the light well but allows plenty of translucency. The carbonation is slow and seems non-existent in a real pub-pulled lager fashion.
The nose is very malty, with stringently sweet fig notes and a background of almonds and cereal. The first sip arrives with a serious punch of the rich fig flavor which has plenty of alcohol to warm the belly . The mouthfeel is more sparkling than the brew looks and the alcohol notes really cut through the top of the palate. It is a bit potent and cloys just a bit too much to truly be a session, but the figginess has enough refreshing fruit flavor to clarify the booze. A solid beer to start off a proper day at the beer hall, but you’ll likely want to switch to a pilsner after one or two of these and some bratwurst.


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