Farmington River Brown Ale

Farmington River Brewing Co.

Ipswich, MA

Brown Ale

Here is yet another offering from Mercury. Brown ale is really one of my favorite styles–it’s hard to define and often complex, but is usually a good session ale. There is seldom anything too interesting about them, but they’re rarely disappointing.

A steady pour yields half an inch of beige head that is soft and shows some signs of sticking. The color is a deep claret and plum with good clarity but only when held right up to the light. The first whiff is all cocoa powder with a warm alcohol note that comes across as prune and faint earthy odor like wet soil. The mouthfeel at first is a bit tinny; the effervescence fine and active on the tongue. Lacking from the sip is the bold cocoa but the dried-fruit tartness is just evident under the sweet malt that is more roasty than I expected. Widely-spaced lacing hangs like disheveled drapery down the glass but sticks well. The overall finish is a bit metallic but a cocoa-lactic coating persists to entice you to take another sip.


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