Flying Dog In-Heat Wheat

Flying Dog Brewery
Denver, CO
In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen

Today was a crappy day–cold, grey, rainy. It was not a summery, wheat beer kind of day, but I just got back from my brother’s wedding in Florida so I want more warm weather and will drink my way to it. I just mean that I’m getting in the spirit.

The pour elicits a bleached white, soapy froth that is thick and easily-settled. The color is marigold and straw with a translucent clarity that dapples light when the glass is lifted. The nose is ripe banana and includes a touch of acidity, like cherry, with a slight talcum-powder back.

The mouthfeel is full and shares a powdery quality with the nose. That coating is not unpleasant and exhibits no grittiness. There is an evident wheat tinge that comes though cleanly and crisply, like wheat grass, but it is certainly quiet compared to a sweet malt volume that gives a nod to the banana aroma, but that is balanced by a malty nuttiness and a faint orange zest that hints at coriander. By the way, that’s nuttiness, not nuttiness.

This is a low-ABV beer with a lot to offer in terms of complexity and body and could pair with many dishes. Try it with a chicken dish (orange chicken would do well to bring out the zest in the middle of the swallow).


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