Buzzards Bay Golden

Buzzards Bay Brewing

Westport, MA


This beer is described as both “brown” and  “Vienna-style.” While the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, thanks to the broad definition of “brown” beers, Buzzards did a great job with the Dortmund-style, so I’m eager to try this homage to Austria.

A slightly glugged pour stokes a billowing head that his yellowish and lively, like bubbles in a fountain.Right away, the fine, spongy lace starts to stick and an aroma of yeast and malt–like a beer hall–immediately emanates from the glass. The clarity is pristine with a reddish cocoa hue and virtually imperceptible carbonation. The nose is slightly sweet, yet a touch acrid, like burning paper and slight spicy touches of cinnamon and cheap chocolate mix. The swallow elicits a full mouth feel that starts with a coating of cocoa but a nice hop bitters that finishes with a bit of a bittersweet aftertaste. Fear not, the initial coating is excellent and the aftertaste doesn’t linger, giving way to a pleasant warmth. This would be good with some spicy or smoked sausage, or anything with a bit of a kick.


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