Lost Coast Downtown Brown

Lost Coast Brewery
Eureka, CA
Downtown Brown

An even reddish-brown pour with releases sweet notes of malt and milk chocolate. The head is very light brown, with a touch of purple. The head doesn’t billow up like many browns but this seems like a proper ale without too much activity, keeping the surface of the brew covered with a thin layer. The clarity is excellent when held to the light and has a faint purple or red tint.

The nose is very sweet with a hint of almond, like marzipan. The chocolate milk notes come out slightly as well, but any smoothness is overridden with that sickly sweet aroma of fermented almond.

On the sip, the mouthfeel is outstanding–the chocolate milk is there with a creamy sweetness that coats the mouth and prevents any cloying. The lacing down the glass is superb. Each sip opens up a slightly new density of flavor that causes me to look down to make sure this is not a stout. The clarity is impressive for how full the mouthfeel is all the way from sip to swallow.

The sweet evenness of this beer would pair well with a strong meat dish, like lamb or veal (without too much tarragon. Just saying). Of course, it would be nice with pepperoni pizza, too.

(ed. note: I reviewed this beer six months prior to this post. I’ve deleted the post but include the briefer review here.)
Pours without too much head but with nice lacing and even, thin carbonation. The color is clear but dark, like cola—a nice chocolatey red. Same with the nose; the aroma has notes of roasted cocoa and sweet coffee. The mouthfeel is surprisingly big. The malt notes are full and the hints of coffee and chocolate persist but are not overly sweet and are closer to a bready feel. What finishes is a pleasant and encompassing smooth biscuit flavor. This is definitely a beer I’d try again—it is not heavy and does not kick in with overwhelming alcohol or roasted flavors.


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