Sherwood Forest Maiden’s Blueberry Ale

Despite my Anglican heritage, I have chosen a beer in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. No, it is not green, nor is it in a green aluminum bottle. To pay homage to Irish lasses and maidens, I’ve chosen Sherwood’s Maiden’s Blueberry Ale. I’ll be honest, I don’t love blueberry beer. I try to be unbiased with my reviews, and I will be with this one, but I this was the only thematic connection I could make with my beers on hand.

Sherwood Forest Brewers

Marlborough, MA
Maiden’s Blueberry Ale

The pour is actually rather impressive with a nice, off-white head that billows and settles with a nice cloud. The color amber gold with slow, steady effervescence, decent clarity, and some suspension. The nose is not aggressive, but is more than noticeable from the moment you crack open the bottle. A sour sweet blueberry smell emanates, and reminds me of a blueberry muffin, with a mixture of bready malts and blueberry sweetness. The fruit odors don’t end with blueberries either, a mild apricot smell certainly comes through and complements the deep marmalade color nicely. The first sip is very nice and relatively even. The berry notes seem more like aroma than flavor, and a distinct sharpness of hops are immediate and set the tone for the rest of the sip. A mild floral flavor helps bridge the gap to the swallow, which is pleasingly dry but finishes as though you just ate a some frozen berries. Not really a fruity beer, this a relatively refreshing brew but not one that I’d order if I saw it again.


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