Pennsylvania Penn Gold

Pennsylvania Brewing Co.
Pittsburgh, PA
Penn Gold

A beautiful straw pour gives off a similar aroma of wet hay, indicative of crisp hops. The head is rocky but dissipates quickly. The clarity is not quite perfectly transparent, but good, and shows even carbonation from the base. The nose is an outstanding medley of hops and barley, giving a real aroma of a pub or beerhall. There is a fresh woodsy odor in the back but the hops are just dying to come out. The hops really do pop on the tongue like an authentic German or Czech lager. They linger with the bitter straw flavors all of which is balanced by a full mouthfeel. All in all, the beer finishes extremely cleanly and is complex and full-bodied but, at only 4.0ABV it is supremely drinkable. The only think I feel this beer is missing is a larger glass for me to drink out of.


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