Farmington River Blonde Ale

Farmington River Brewing Co.
Ipswich, MA
Blonde Ale

This is part of the Mercury/Ipswich family that has produced some very drinkable, usually session, beers.

Pours golden with a touch of red, certainly not amber but not quite straw. The clarity is decent but there is a bit of translucency that I wouldn’t necessarily classify as cloudiness. The head is white, billowy, settling to a nice even topping with a bit of lace. The nose is mostly hops but there is a decent amount of wheat included as well. The mouthfeel is very good with a great effervescence; it also mirrors the nose pretty accurately. There is a a great hop character that is more noble than it is West Coast but still slightly floral. The perfect amount of wheat at the back of the swallow helps the beer finish cleanly and a touch of malt is present, but not dominant, and supplies just a hint of bittersweet sourdough that makes this beer a refreshing and balanced ale.


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