St. Peter’s Cream Stout

St. Peter’s Brewery
Suffolk, England
Cream Stout

This is one of the most beautiful pours I’ve seen. The beer is opaque and the head puffs up to a full inch and is almost purple. OK, so it’s more a very light mocha brown but there are certainly hints of red in it. Even before picking up the glass, the head has already subsided to about a half inch and leaves a dense, Swiss cheese lace. The nose, like the St. Pete’s Organic smells like a proper English pub–plenty of malt. There are dark chocolate notes and maybe a hint of toffee. The first sip is an outstanding one, full of the same maltiness but with a unique hop twinge at the back of the swallow. The chocolate takes over from the toffee upon drinking, but there is enough of the latter around to make the swallow even, and not sweet or cloying. The rings are not quite excellent, but visible, and though the head more or less diffuses like a pub ale, there is plenty of spiderweb lace lining the glass. Whereas the Organic could be a perfect English pub ale, this mixes in enough chocolate malt to make it interesting. There isn’t really a roasty flavor that accompanies many stouts or porters, but it’s a different beer, as evidenced by the bitter finish.


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