Appalachian Susquehanna Stout

Appalachian Brewing Company
Harrisburg, PA
Susquehanna Stout

Here’s another stout, but this one is even darker than the St. Pete’s. Even coming out of the bottle, this thing is straight up black. Likewise, the head is even darker, a real tan. The head doesn’t billow quite as much, though the pour was gentler and the glass less narrow than before. As soon as the beer hits the bottom of the glass, I can smell the roasted barley. The nose is more coffee than chocolate, though could be characterized as dark, dark chocolate along with a milky sweetness. The first sip really kicks in hard with bitter roasted coffee notes and a strong dark chocolate finish that’s not at all sweet. The bitterness is lasting but peppery and not metallic or unpleasant.

The first ring is perfect, about a quarter of an inch thick, and the half inch below it is pocked with a honeycomb of holes that barely pulls apart. The mouthfeel is more like milk than the St. Pete’s Cream Stout was, but this beer is not as drinkable. Though it is a session beer in terms of ABV, you have to be a stout fan to appreciate and sit through several rounds of something as toasted as this. This is a well-crafted beer from an historic brewing region and the quality is evident in just the way the beer looks if not tastes.


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