Koenig Pilsener

Duisburg, Germany

I tried this one a few months ago. The supermarket evidently had a huge shipment is as they had tons and tons of half-liter-can four-packs. I picked up four pack and gave it a whirl.

A beautiful white head is billowing and leaves a very nice lace. The color is straw with steady carbonation and good clarity. The nose also has some hints of straw and hops, probably Saaz. The first sip is very clean with a faint metallic taste that is, oddly, not unpleasant. The hops are evident through the grassiness which lends an odd, sourness through the swallow. It would be a good session beer, as it is a crisp, low-ABV pils, but the strength of the grassy notes in the finish might be tough to deal with in excess. This beer might be best when paired with a meal (like a classic German pretzel with mustard) which might make the green tartness a welcome palate cleanser.


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