Otter Creek White Sail

I found this review written in a distinct scrawl on a year-old receipt for Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles so it may be a bit incomplete and I have transcribed this from whatever shorthand I was using. I have some more of this beer so I may amend this review, but I like the juxtaposition of the need to review the beer, coupled with the allure of a freshly-poured beer and it’s production of a laziness great enough to prohibit obtaining a proper piece of paper.

Otter Creek

Middlebury, VT

White Sail

A “Belgian-style white” ale, there is honey and wet bread on the nose. It is clear gold until the bottom ounce where the yeast turns the pour into a cloudy, translucent, and creamy straw color. The flavor is not too yeasty but broad and a little sweet with a slight tang that finishes very clean.

That’s all I had, but it was a stellar beer, particularly for someone who tends not to favor whites and wheats, which I don’t.


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