Buzzards Bay Dortmunder

Buzzards Bay Brewing
Westport, MA
Dortmund Style Lager

A great pour with almost an inch of perfectly white head that seems to linger. The color is a light golden straw with slow effervescence. The beer has strong malt notes on the nose, smelling slightly of yeast, and a little bit like Cascade detergent seeing as I forgot to rinse the glass. There’s a slight sour odor that is pure yeast with a hint of what seems like German hops. This beer won Best European Style Pilsner at the 2000 GABF, so that makes sense. It’s a bit redder than the true gold of most pilsners and there isn’t quite the same crisp hoppiness either. The first sip, however, delivers quite an impressive and complex array of both smooth malt that is too crisp for breadiness, and a bubbly hop flavor that balances it with just the perfect amount of bitterness. The lace is sticking to the glass nicely, in the cathedral style, not in rings.

The brewery claims that it would be the perfect beer for the end of any workday and I agree. For me, it would be ideal for a summer afternoon. Or an autumn evening. Or spring gloaming. Or, hell, a winter morning.


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