St. Peter’s Organic English Ale

St. Peter’s Brewery
Suffolk, England
Organic English Ale

St. Pete’s beers come in these awesome oval bottles which, according to their site, are a half-liter copy of a bottle from an 18th Century bottle found near Philly.

Upon cracking the beer, a great skunky odor is evident. Of course, that’s probably my hockey equipment festering in the corner.

The beer pours very golden–a beautiful orange with great clarity and very little carbonation but billows as the beer glugs from my awkward pour out of the oddly-shaped bottle. The head, while it lasts, is a perfect white, slow to move and delicate. The nose has a touch of honey and and twice that much of wheat. There is a slight spice that almost obscures or is obscured by a balanced maltiness. The first sip is surprisingly zesty, with the maltiness being the most prevalent flavor in the initial mouthfeel. However, the spice is as orange as the color, finishes well and, despite the seeming lack of carbonation, there is a great deal of effervescence on the tongue. This is a lovely English ale, comparable in body even to some of the finest such as Ruddles and Belhaven or Fullers and some of the long-term stalwarts such as Old Speckled Hen. Were it cheaper, I would certainly enjoy this one on a more frequent basis.


2 responses to “St. Peter’s Organic English Ale

  1. Delighted you should be able to get St Peter’s – it’s a lovely beer (and not so expensive when on home turf) – must get in a few bottles for when you next visit.

    If you get a chance to try any Adnams (beers from the coast at Southwold) then the Explorer is a wonderful almost-blonde beer (with American hops I recall!).

    Some of our other East Anglian breweries are also worth sampling – particularly Woodford’s Wherry (but I think this is only available in cask from local pubs).

    Further afield and the Cumbrian brews such as Bluebird or Wainrights are delicious (these are bottled so they might travel).


  2. Dear beautiful orange with great clarity and very little carbonation Brewmaster,
    Happy Valentines Day. I know how important this day is to you… I’m sorry I’m not there with you celebrating. Don’t cry!

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