Indian River Amberjack

Indian River
Melbourne, FL

Spanning the globe, this beer is a German altbier brewed in Florida with West Coast and German hops. The pour is even and crisp. A nice white head develops but doesn’t get above about a half inch nor does it linger. The clarity is excellent with steady carbonation up the sides and large bubbles sitting in the bottom like frog eggs. The color is certainly amber, beautiful clear with excellent red and golden hues. The nose is slightly sweet and the Cascade hops do not dominate. The citrus notes are barely perceptible behind a crisper biscuit touch. The mouthfeel is a bit thin but certainly not flavorless. It is not as lager-like (it’s an alt, ,after all) as the Shoal Draft, but the dryness and bitters are comparable. Certainly not a big beer or anything experimental, this is another good, crisp session beer that won’t disappoint.


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