Endurance Glacier Gold

Endurance Brewing Co.
Boston, MA
Glacier Gold

This beer is supposedly meant to honor Second Officer Tom Crean, a real badass on Shackleton’s 1914 Antarctic Expedition. Seeing as it’s a called “gold,” I assume it will be a blonde, and a session ale, meant to go the distance as a session beer–hence the name “Endurance.” Well, we’ll see.

Another effervescent pour, the straw-colored flow is immediately cloudy and puffs the head of the 12 ounces to the top of my pint glass. Already, as I write, the head is collapsing inwards, leaving a fine cathedral lace. The clarity is like a wheat beer, the perfectly gold liquid is merely translucent. The nose is honey and malt off the pour, but let’s take another whiff. The hops are in back and it smells very much like an ale. The nose has a slight citrus aroma, but there doesn’t seem to be an overabundance of hops. The flavor is complex, hoppy but smooth, bitter but sweet. It’s hard to place, but there is a crispness like fresh celery with out it tasting too vegetarian. The mouthfeel is a bit thin, this beer would be well paired with some hearty food which would help bring out the maltiness while also enabling the beer to clean the palate. Alcohol notes are almost nonexistent, it’s a very easy-drinking brew. While it’s not the most interesting beer I’ve had, it’s certainly not unappealing and a few of them would be great with a big meal. Cheers to Mr. Crean.


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