Mercury Brewing Blonde Ale

Mercury Brewing Co.
Ipswich, MA
Blonde Ale

The pour is even and responsive with a crackling white head that puffs itself to about an inch and slowly subsides. The color is a reddish honey and the clarity is good. On the pour, a sweet hoppy aroma emerges but is not overpowering and there is an evenness to it that makes me think the first sip will be not be too aggressive. The fact that this is called a blonde ale also figures to lend it a softer feel. The mouthfeel is impressively whole and the character is like a pub ale with a real full body. A Swiss-cheese lacing follows sips down the glass and hang around. The hops are subtle, hiding behind an impressively mild maltiness which does not create too much sweetness. This is a well-crafted session ale that is smooth from start to finish.


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