Schmaltz Brewing Co. Genesis Ale

Schmaltz Brewing Co.
Los Angeles, CA
Genesis Ale

The pour is impressive, with lace sticking in a glob as it is poured down the side of the glass. The head is a good inch and a smoky red, off-white cloud that sticks around and leaves rings that look like bubbly scripture around the inside. Even on the pour, the sweet smell of hops is evident. Brewed with five types of hops, including pungent Cascade and Willamette, the citrus notes waft out of the glass. Not a pure pale, the color is deep amber with decent clarity. The amber is also evident through the nose in sweet maltiness that is like honey on toast. The mouthfeel is excellent, full but not cloying. The flavor is an impressive mixture of hops and malt, finishing with the smoother maltiness over the citrus hops. The lacing sticks around, and should be read right to left. L’chaim!


One response to “Schmaltz Brewing Co. Genesis Ale

  1. Hey there. This is Zak from Shmaltz Brewing Company. Thanks so much for drinking and writing about Genesis Ale. Really glad you enjoyed it. L’Chaim!!

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