Wonders of Coincidence

Despite my claims of being somewhat of a Luddite (see my utter lack of blogging savvy as example), I will start this story on a technological bent.  I was texting Bee earlier today when I remembered something about the predictive text/t9/Word function on phones. They always give you the most common options. I like when the phone doesn’t know what word you’re talking about and gives you other options. Like when you try to type “shit” and it gives you “shiv.” Now, either it thinks I’m am going to spell “shiver” or someone at LG spent some time in General Population.

The reason I bring this up on my beer blog is because “pint” and “shot” are actually the same sequence, 7468. So, when trying to meet up with Bee for a pint, I almost met him out for a shot. Which would have had the same consequence, I guess. It’s like an electronic boilermaker, I like it. I also like that 7468 also spells “riot,” which is often the result of too many carbombs or Bear Fights.

On a non-beer-related (and therefore nearly unmentionable) note, “kiss” and “lips” are both 5477 and “game” and “hand” (as in having a great hand in a game of poker) are both 4263. Yeah, I admit that last one isn’t that interesting, but it’s more interesting than the fact that “in” and “go” are always f’ed up, as are “me” and “of”.  My brother has asked me if I can “in note the bar for of” about a thousand times.


2 responses to “Wonders of Coincidence

  1. Okay drunk Rainman….

  2. “go move the car for me”?

    Fun article – thanks for making me smile on a very wet and windy Friday.


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