Indian River Shoal Draft

Indian River
Melbourne, FL
Shoal Draft Pale Ale

Technically part of Florida Beer Company, Indian River was founded in 1984, or 1977, according to Michael Jackson. The overall unhelpfulness of the brewery’s website leads me to believe that most of the people there are probably over-sunned and listening to too much Jimmy Buffet

Anyway, this brew came in one of the last installments of last year’s BotMC. Luckily, my adoring oldest brother saw fit to continue my glorious infinity pool of beer for another calendar year.

The beer pours an amber straw, a bit too light and not quite red enough to really be copper. The clarity is not absolute and the head is quick to dissipate but is a nice clean white. The nose is strong and smells of hops and sweet syrup, with a hint of tangy citrus. The first sip is sweet but not too bad, it’s really a nice and dry swallow with slow carbonation and steady hops. A faint bitterness gives it more of a lager’s characteristics. The noble hops used here go a long way to excite the nose upon opening and pouring, and satisfy the session drinker in all of us. Though the bottle claims they use Cascade hops, there aren’t really the same citrus notes as as real hophead’s pale. A nice clean beer with some interesting notes.


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