Clipper City Balto Marz’hon

Clipper City Brewing Co.
Baltimore, MD
Balto Marz’hon

I’d thought I’d already written a review for this beer, but as a terrible blogger and a very good drinker, it seemed to have evaded me. CCBC was founded at the end of 1995 by former brewpub owner Hugh Sisson who was, I believe, featured in a spread in Draft Magazine last year.

A nice, off-white and very active head charges its way up the glass with a bit of a flourish, settling into a nice cloudy billow. The color is a perfect amber and the clarity is excellent. The nose is strong and is all roasty and toasty malt. The mouthfeel is fine and the carbonation in the glass is not indicative of the first sip. The maltiness is evident on the tongue and produces a smoothness like a brown ale but with a fine effervescence that reflects a faint yeastiness that is just noticeable in a warm alcohol note at the top of the swallow.


2 responses to “Clipper City Balto Marz’hon

  1. I live in Baltimore and I imagine it’s a bit easier to get it here than anywhere else. I like this beer a lot!

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