Sam Adams Winter Lager

The Marine Air Terminal at Laguardia is a throwback to the days of air travel when men wore suits and hats not track suits and baseball hats, and stewardesses were called stewardesses. Inside the Delta Shuttle terminal, there is a modern little café that is, by airport standards, fairly decent. On a recent trip, I was early and the flight was moderately delayed so I bellied up to the bar. They had Sam and Sam Winter on tap and the bar was stocked with Sam Adams special glasses.

Sam Adams
Boston, MA
Winter Lager

Served in the patented glassware, the just off-white head sits perfectly within the hourglass top, stopping at the taper where the glass bells out. The clarity is good and there is a fine carbonation. The color is unmistakably amber , semi-transparent and warm. The nose is almost all malt and bread, very sweet and smooth. The flavor is hoppier than the nose first admits and has a bitterness akin to Sam’s Boston Lager. However, the finish the smoother and the mouthfeel is more full and even with better maltiness, more distinct hops, and just the faintest spice.


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  1. I always travel with my fedora.

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