Captain Lawrence Captain’s Reserve Imperial IPA

I’d heard there was a Dogfish Head tasting at the Whole Foods Beer Room yesterday, so I called Adi and had him meet me there with my growler. How can one turn down DFH? It’s the hophead’s heaven, off-centered beers, we’re in Deleware, etc,etc. Anyway, the extremely bearded guy behind the counter pointed out that there was, in fact, no tasting and that he did not know who posted such a fallacious and mendacious rumor on the World Wide Web. We were not the only ones duped; others entered asking the same thing.

Not ones to let a growler and a trip to the WFBR go to waste, we started perusing. I filled my growler with Captain Lawrence Captain’s Reserve Imperial IPA and Ad went for the Sixpoint Bengali Tiger. We also grabbed a double-deuce of Avery Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest Lager which I’m very excited to try. I had been very impressed with Avery’s Maharaja, so I thought I keep the Avery wheel spinning. Now, without further ado:

Captain Lawrence Brewing Co

Pleasantville, NY
Captain’s Reserve Imperial IPA

Out of the growler and into the glass, the beer has a very nice, lasting, all-white head with outstanding and very steady carbonation. The liquid is crystal clear through an elegant copper hue through which light passes beautifully. The nose is almost all citrus and sticky florals—a real wallop of hops. The flavor echoes the nose, with grapefruit dominating to near acidity which is really just the warm alcohol notes firing up. The alcohol is almost overpowering but evens out into a malty finish, prompting another sip to verify that it does, indeed, end on notes of caramel.


One response to “Captain Lawrence Captain’s Reserve Imperial IPA

  1. I am a fan of Captain Lawrence beers… Tasty treats!

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