Diamond Bear Honey Weiss

OK, time to make a grand re-entry into the world of beer blogging. It’s fitting to start with a beer that came from the Beer of the Month Club that Max gave me. See? He’s not as useless as everyone says. Photos to follow. Photos of beer, not Max. The beer club has been loving wheat beers and white beers. Here’s one of them:

Diamond Bear Brewery
Little Rock, AR
Honey Weiss

This brew pours with a good head that is crisp and perfectly white, and lots of carbonation in the form of large, active bubbles. The color is a beautiful light gold, indicative of the wheat, but without the cloudiness from an unfiltered white. There is a good deal of wheat and grass on the nose and it is almost sugary in the way it bubbles up. This is reflected in the taste as well. The mouthfeel is pretty good and the grassiness is pleasant and coupled with the faint honey sweetness. It finishes lightly-almost weakly-with a thin graininess. The overall look and smell is reminiscent of mead, but this is most certainly a beer, and a refreshing one, too.


One response to “Diamond Bear Honey Weiss

  1. Charlie,
    Thanks for the review. Our Honey Weiss is a bronze medal winner at GABF and we use local honey. If you are in Little Rock please stop by the brewery to see how we do things down South.


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